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I keep wanting to talk to people because I feel so lonely. But every time I start talking to them, save for a few, I just don’t want to talk to them anymore. I want everyone to leave me alone but I don’t want to be alone. What is wrong with me? Like actually. I don’t really know how to articulate what’s wrong. I suppose if I don’t know how to tell myself what’s wrong then I wouldn’t be able to tell anyone else.


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does anyone else ever just get depressed af at the state of the world


so much SHIT happens every day

awful, awful things to people that just… they’re just tryna live their lives

sometimes it’ll hit me for days at a time

and then i’m just in this semi-stupor, constantly brooding on how awful the world is and wishing i could make it better


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you know when you work your ass for people

and they just don’t appreciate it?

and like

you take the blame for everything

even shit that isn’t your fault

but for the sake of saving yourself a shitstorm

you kinda just accept it and apologize and soothe things over until they go back to being okay

and then there comes a point where you really just can’t take it anymore

and you can feel the pressure building

and you know that every storm you ever suppressed never dissipated, it was just locked away

and now its pretty much a superstorm

and you can feel it coming, you know its coming

you can practically smell it

and you look forward to it, almost

because it’s nerve-wracking to sit in your basement and wait for the storm to hit

but at the same time you’re absolutely terrified

because God only knows how strong it will be, how long it will last

and worst of all

the damage that it will leave behind.

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Remember how that physics test was cancelled the Wednesday before spring break (two weeks from tomorrow)?

Yeah that shit is tomorrow.


Help me. Please. I need to do well. 

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