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I miss singing so much. So, so, so much. I can’t do it here. Growing up, I got super used to practicing alone and just messing around on my own. No one ever really listened. My mom would give feedback every now and then, but barely ever. So I get ridiculously conscious when it comes to singing an unpracticed piece in front of anyone. I’m really not that big on singing practiced pieces in front of people either, really. I suppose to put it plainly, I dislike singing in front of people that aren’t my ustads.¬†Plus the walls here are super thin so if I sang at all, I guarantee that my neighbors could hear. And no. Just no. I don’t want my roommates to hear me either. I already know one of them is going to take it as competition and start singing too. Like, I’m not trying to prove anything. I just really miss it. I think that’s why I practice sitar so often now. It’s literally the only musical outlet I have left. I’ll try to set up kirtan lessons but I’m trying to get my schedule perfectly in order first.

In the meantime, I am stuck humming to myself.

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