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The $26.7 billion in bonuses Wall Street banks handed out just a few months ago during bonus season at the end of 2013, would be enough to more than double the pay for all 1,085,000 of America’s full-time U.S. minimum wage workers (according to a just-released study by the Institute for Policy Studies, based on new data from the New York State Comptroller).
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Hi, so I have a shit ton of scarves and hats that I do not wear anymore that I have just acquired and are sitting in my closet not being worn. So all the scarves are vegan, except the black and white Aztec print scarf, which is made of silk (it was a gift). Some of the stuff is men’s some of it is women’s but anyone could wear any of them (I mean, I wore them all). So here is the list of the all the things:

  • Holister Lumberjack hat
  • 21Mens Union Jack Bennie
  • 21Mens Maroon Cable Knit Bennie
  • American Eagle Reindeer Antler Trapper
  • XXI Floral Print Snapback
  • 21Mens Teal Long Bennie
  • 21Mens Heather Grey Long Bennie
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Trapper
  • XXI Acrylic Cream-Based Aztec Scarf
  • Thrifted Brown Fringe Scarf
  • Thrifted Cotton-Blend Gold, Orange, and Red Fringe Scarf
  • H&M Black Triangles on Black Lightweight Scarf 
  • XXI Red, White, Blue, and Mint Stripped Lightweight Polyester Scarf
  • Thrifted Black Cotton Fringe Scarf
  • 21Mens Faux Wool Blend Cable Knit Scarf (it’s warm as heckie)
  • H&M Navy and Green Buffalo Plaid Scarf (it’s as large as my body)
  • Thrifted Black and White Zebra/ Cheetah Print Scarf
  • American Eagle Water Colour Tribal Infinity Scarf with Fringe
  • Thrifted Olive Green Long Scarf 
  • Thrifted Tri-Blend Infinity Scarf
  • 21Mens Sailor Blue Fringe Scarf
  • Gift Black and White Aztec Lightweight Silk Scarf
  • XXI Black Knit Infinity Scarf with Hood (it’s totally BA)

So rules are pretty simple:

  • only reblogs count
  • you don’t have to follow me that’s a lame rule (but i post about being homo in Utah and cute nature pics so come say hi if you want or something)
  • I’ll ship worldwide
  • Have your ask open
  • Must be willing to give me your address. Cause. Duh.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: If you only want a few of the items and not all of them, please let me know so I can send you the ones you will actually wear, and I’ll keep picking winners until it is all gone.
  • You can reblog as many times as you like but don’t make a side blog just to reblog this post that’s lame
  • tag the posts as “francislare giveaway” so peeps can blacklist it if they don’t wanna see it or something (makes it easier for me toooo)
  • It’ll probably end on March 14. That probably will not change.

Um, so yeah. That’s it.  


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